Concept Drawing & Master Plan

The measurements recorded during the site survey enable me to produce an accurate scaled plan from which concept drawings and the master plan are made. Concept drawings are preliminary drawings using basic shapes to illustrate, for example, areas of hard landscaping (paving, walling etc.) and soft landscaping (the planted areas) and are used to present my ideas and suggestions – a return visit is arranged to discuss these ideas with you. Concept drawings are amended until you are happy with the overall layout. We can also discusss the finer details at this time and select suggested materials appropriate to your budget.

Once a design is accepted, the next step is for me to produce a scaled master plan – this is a drawing to show the final garden layout and illustrates its features, any changes in level as well as the hard and soft landscaping areas.

Axonometric drawings may also be produced at this stage.

Detailed construction drawings, when necessary, are also produced as well as setting out plans which will be supplied to the landscaping team to ensure the garden is constructed as designed. Setting out plans include dimensions; angles; existing and proposed levels etc.

When I return to present the master plan, a detailed written quotation for the construction of your new garden will be provided at the same time. The quotation explains each operation and also lists materials to be used.